2014 J/105 Canadian Championship - Hey Jude

  Hey Jude wins the Canadian Championship

2014-J105 Canadians - Hey Jude


2014 J/105 Canadian Championship: GAME ON!


J/105 Fleet 4 Lake Ontario The J/105 Canadian Championship was held on September 6th and 7th at RCYC. This traditional 3-day event was shortened to 2-days to respect the time requirements of the J/105 North Americans, also at RCYC, later in the month. The event attracted 21 teams and the entries included boats from the USA and Bermuda; teams were ramping up and it promised to be a warm-up for the North Americans.

On Saturday the teams were met with medium breeze from the west, which was forecast to shift to the north; to add to the fun there were patches of west to east current that made the laylines a bit of a challenge. Mandate jumped out of the blocks to take the first race, with Hey Jude following in second and Endeavour taking third. It became apparent that there was going to be “no love” on the start line for this event as there were a number of General Recalls and Black Flags the became a recurring theme. In races two and three, Mandate and Hey Jude traded firsts and seconds with Jamaica Me Crazy and Distant Passion (Bermuda) taking third respectively. On this day, teams were rewarded by getting off the line clean, and then helping the boat go upwind in the short chop. With a sudden drop in the breeze and then a hard shift to the north, the race committee wisely decided to call it a day. After three races, the top five consisted of Mandate (4 pts), Hey Jude (5 pts), Live Edge (13 pts), Forro (17 pts), and Jamaica (19 pts).

The crews enjoyed a fun social evening where the day’s challenges and opportunities were discussed. Topics like: how to keep the boat powered up in short chop, or how to get a handle on the current and local knowledge, for the visitors, were discussed. It was apparent in Saturday’s informal debrief that the key asset of Toronto’s J/105 Fleet is its willingness to share knowledge.

The schedule planned for an earlier start on Sunday, and the teams were hoping to get one good race in during the dying northerly before the afternoon’s uncertainty. The first race was a tedious affair and crews were rewarded by keeping the boat going fast through the water at all times; being caught downspeed was a killer. There was a familiar outcome in this race with Hey Jude taking the gun, and Mandate finishing a close second; Endeavour was an even closer third to Mandate. The second race of the day proved pivotal; it was really difficult to figure out what, if anything, the wind would do and it became a choice of whether the remaining gradient would prevail, or whether the seabreeze would come in this late in the day. Hey Jude placed their bets on the seabreeze and it payed off for a first, with Jamaica and Usual Suspects not far behind.

There was time for a sixth race and Hey Jude just needed keep it clean to take the Canadian title; easier said than done in a quality fleet with no drop races. A shaky first-beat saw Hey Jude round the weather mark deep in the fleet; while Mandate was out to a commanding lead with Jamaica close behind. Hey Jude was able to leverage boatspeed and boathandling to be upwardly mobile and take a 3rd in that race and clinch the regatta. Mandate claimed second, while Forro took third with Jamaica forth, and Endeavour fifth.

What became clearly apparent was the competitiveness of the local fleet and the learning curve of the visiting boats as they prepared for the North Americans. Local boats like Forro, Jamaica, Endeavour, Live Edge, and Tusk all showed that they were ready to roll. Visiting boats like Distant Passion (Bermuda), Ali Cat (California), and Good Lookin (Michigan) gave notice that they were getting a handle on the local conditions were going to be a force in the NAs. Many thanks to Doug Bullock and his team of volunteers for this prelude to the 2014 J/105 North Americans at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto.


Written by Scott Collinson - Hey Jude

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 1st place:  Hey Jude

2014 Canadians 1st HeyJude 

  2nd place:  Mandate

2014 Canadians 2nd Mandate

 3rd place:  Forro

2014 Canadians 3rd Forro
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Hey Jude, wins back the 2014 J105 Canadian Championship! - Sep 2014

J/105 Fleet 4 Lake OntarioA great, and rare, two day regatta brought 21 one boats to the starting line, including three visiting boats and crews preparing for the J/105 North Americans to be held later this year. After a 5 year absence at the Canadian Championship podium, Hey Jude prevailed with conviction over Mandate, a surging Forro, Jamaica Me Crazy and Endeavour as the top 5 finishers.

 Winning Crew: Dave Jarvis, Scott Collinson, Andrew Van Nostrand, Ian Richardson and 

Whilst Mandate skippered by Terry McLaughlin raced to repeat her last year's feat, it was not to be as Jim Rathbun and the Hey Jude crew prevailed at the 2014 J/105 Canadians.

This was remarkable achievement for this top Fleet 4 boat as Jim Rathbun has been rewarded the J/105 Canadian Champion's flag 6 out of the fourteen years the event has racd. No other boat has been able to win the Championship more than twice with Starcross, Re:Tern and Planet-B (all last three now, no longer racing) all winning the event twice, whilst Jamaica Me Crazy and Mandate have won single event.

Hey Jude 2014 J/105 Canadian Champions


2013 J/105 Canadian Championship - Mandate

J/105 Fleet 4 Lake Ontario Mandate, wins the 2013 J105 Canadian Championship! - Sep 2013

Undeterred by two bullets from Hey Jude on the last day, Mandate maintained her comfortable lead over three days to win the 2013 edition of the J105 Canadian Championship. The RCYC Race Management, once again lead by Mike Milner was challenged by variable water and wind conditions. As always there was a great cheer to thank the RC.

Mandate, wins the 2013 J105 Canadian Championship!

Undeterred by two bullets from Hey Jude on the last day, Mandate maintained her comfortable lead over three days to win the 2013 edition of the J105 Canadian Championship. The RCYC Race Management, once again lead by Mike Milner was challenged by variable water and wind conditions. As always there was a great cheer to thank the RC.

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Champions: Mandate
Second Place: Hey Jude
Third Place: Starcross

2013 J105 Canadians D3 9-29-2013 4-10-28 PM



2012 J/105 Canadian Champioship - Planet B

PLANET B wins the 2012 J105 Canadians in convincing style with 3 bullets on the final day to cap off a great career.

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J105 Fleet 4 But let's go back to the beginning where all good adventure stories start. Friday Sept 21 came in quite mildly and the winds were not forecast to do much of anything. Sadly, the forecasters were right for once. Each crew seemed to get ready for racing very eagerly and headed out before the PRO could put up a shore side postponement. Sixteen J105's were keen to duke it out but they'd have to wait for another day after 4 hours of hanging around in 3 knot breezes. Great call not to race actually by Mike Milner, PRO who didn't fall pray to trying to make something out of nothing. As quickly as we scooted out - we popped right back in to enjoy the on shore El Dorado Rum party hosted by Jason from Woodman Wines and Spirits.


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2011 J105 Canadian Championship : The 2011 J/105 Championship, the premier racing event of the J/105 Fleet 4 season was awarded to Dave Shaver's Re:tern, also winner of the 2007 edition.

2011 J105 CND HEADER

2011 J/105 Canadian Champions - Re:tern

This year's Championship war flag was well earned in one of the closest events for the season and of past record. Second place went to Jamaica Me Crazy, last year's winner whilst third place went to Hey Jude.

2011 J105 Canadian Championship : The 2011 J/105 Championship, the premier racing event of the J/105 Fleet 4 season was awarded to Dave Shaver's Retern, also winner of the 2007 edition.


The three day event was the perfect test for J/105 sailing out of Toronto, with variable wind conditions from moderate (Friday and Sunday) to high waves Saturday, current and oscillating wind directions, testing sailing and strategy of all the top crews. Of note Sunday's racing which saw Sentient, displacing from the day winner podium any of the four top contender boats this weekend. Sunday's racing, did not disappoint, with the final winners consolidating their respective positions on the very last two legs of the regatta.


2010 J/105 Canadian Champion - Jamaica Me Crazy

J/105 Canadian Championship at CORK


By: Peter Hall (Wheel) and Paul Milkman (Tactics, Jib)

Final Sept 20th.2010

Jamaica Me Crazy earned a victory (22 points) at this year's J105 Canadian Championships finishing 3 rd or better in eight of nine races.Second and third places were won by Re-Tern (28) and Planet B (31). Ten boats from Toronto and one from New York attended this outstanding event which was held in conjunction with the CORK Offshore and One Design Regatta held August 27 to 29 in Kingston, Ontario

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2009 J/105 Canadian Champions - Hey Jude

J/105 Canadian Champions -HEY JUDE

Hey Jude stages a late comeback to win the 2009 J105 Canadian Championship. Jim Rathbun on Hey Jude staged a comeback to win the J/105 Canadian Championship over the weekend. The team scored 41 points over 9 races. Glen Malcolm and Arthur English, racing Starcross, came in runner-up with 43 points, followed by Dave Shaver on Re:Tern (45 points). 18 boats competed at this year's event. Hey Jude, already registered to the 2009 North American Championship is well poised to do well at Rye. Jim and three other Fleet 4 boats have already registered.

Jim Rathbun will also be crowned as this year's Fleet 4 champion, over Stuart Kilpatrick/Robert Baker's Planet B and Peter Hall's Jamaica Me Crazy.

2009 J105 Canadian Championship at RCYC Website | Photo Gallery | 2009 Canadians Results |



2008 J/105 Canadian Champions - Starcross

Starcross - J/105 Canadian Champions

 Starcross: Peter Toi, Michael Jones, Arthur English, Glenn Malcom, Adrian .., Scott Collinson




2007 J105 Canadian Champions - Re:Tern

2007 J/105 Canadian Champions - Re:tern

Re:tern - 2007 J105 Canadian Champions. (Left to right)

David (Cappy) Shaver - Investment Banking & Wheel
Matt (The Kid) Wood - Weather Spin Sheet & Main
Andre (The Colonel) Meurer - Foam & Jib
Duerten (DL) Lindenbeck - Focus & Pit
Talyor (Made) Battye - Surfing & Kite
Jeff (Mini) Shaver - Commentary & Bow
Missing from photo but a critical part of the ReTern 2007 Canadians campaign:
David (Pubsie) Richards - Shore Support & Details
Joanna (LoLu) Lucas - Trainer & Occasional Pit & Bow
Matt (DB) Lusty - Occasional Kite
Christian (CP) Pavey - Occasional Kite
Championship Summary
Day 1 Winner = Planet B, Robert Baker
Day 2 Winner = Live Edge, Mike Mountford
Day 3 Winner = Thunderstruck, Andrew Moor


Races Results (RCYC)
2007 J105 Canadian Championship RCYC Final Results

On the course and post racing photo galleries
2007 J105 Canadian Championship

Photography (Bernie Farrol on Sonic Boom). Please click on the links for each day, or visit the
2007 J105 Fleet 4 Public Photo Gallery

Day 1 - Friday Racing
Day 2 - Saturday Racing
Day 2 - Saturday Social and Regatta Banquet
Day 3 - Sunday Racing
Day 4 - Sunday Awards


2006 J105 Canadians


2006 J/105 Canadian Champions - Starcross

2006 J/105 Canadian Champions - Starcross (English /Malcom)

Starcross: J105 2006 Canadian Champions. Crew: Glen Malcolm - Helm, Doug Wright - Foredeck, Jessica Perraton - Spinnaker, Michael Jones - Pit, Andrew McTavish - Trim. Presenting awards: Denise Ranger

2006 J105 Canadian Championship:
Winner: Starcross
2nd Place: Planet B
3rd Place: Tern

Final Results here
Last Updated: Mon, September 11, 2006 7:23 AM


2006 J105 Fleet 4 Champion - Live Edge.

2006 Fleet 4 Championship: Planet B (2nd), Re:Tern (3rd).

Planet B's Robert Baker, reminded his crew on the remarkable season they had just completed, ABYC (2nd), PCYC (1st) YYC (1st), EYC (1st - tied), all while still missing two important regattas (whilst away at New Port to Bermuda early in the year) 3rd and 4th were Tern and Live Edge. Two boats which also had great racing seasons for 2006. Dave Shaver's Re:Tern proved as fast and Long Island's sound's loss of Hull 73, proved a great competitive addition to the Fleet and the RCYC's fleet. Mike Mountford's Fleet 4 Championship with constant top finishes in the last three years at all major events speak volumes of their crew and skipper racing pedigree. Cick Read More for the 2006 J105 Canadian Championship

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 2005 J/105 Canadian Championship - Hey Jude

Hey Jude re-takes the 2005 J105 Canadians! This year's crew included: (Left to right Ian Richardson -Mastman, Glenn Malcom - Tactics, Jim Rathbun-Skipper, John O'Dwyre-Spinnaker Trim, Dan O'Dwyre-Main and Peter Toi- Bowman. With the 2005 win, Hey Jude has collected a total of 6 wins out of the last 7 Championships. The 2005 edition was a closely fought weekend showdown with Live Edge, (2nd) and nbx (3rd). The 2004 J105 Canadian's Champion, Planet B, finished 9th.

2005 J105 Canadian Championship:
Winner: Hey Jude
2nd Place: Live Edge
3rd Place: nbx




2004 J/105 Canadian Champions - Planet B
Planet-B 2004

Planet B's Robert Baker and crew win the 2004 J105 Canadian Championship Regatta. From left to right, Robert Baker, Janet McCallum, Allan Jones, Stuart Kilpatrick, Manuel Meneses, Lori McGee and Margaret Winter (not in the photo)

The Royal Canadian Yacht Club - RCYC played host to the J105 Canadians for the 5th straight year at the end of July. The Canadians is the most important race of the J105 Canadian Summer sailing season and featured 14 identically prepared J105's competing for the Canadian Championship with the winner taking home the Cedric G Gyles Trophy. The July event is usually characterized by light fickle winds. After heated discussion in the winter meetings when the 2004 schedule was decided, it was questioned whether to hold the event again in July. This year however our unsettled summer winds filled in and provided three great days of racing.

2005 J105 North American Championship - RCYC Kwasind.

J/105 North American Champions - Groovador


J105 NORTH AMERICANS The hotly contested J105 North American Championship Regatta held at RCYC. Read the RCYC's Kwasind magazine article submitted by Stuart Kilpatrick and Ahsley Warburton.

The hotly contested J105 North American Championship Regatta was hosted for the first time outside of American waters by The Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto, Canada. The 2005 J105 North American Champion - Groovador - Alex Balutta.

A total of 35 boats competed, which included boats from Lake Ontario, Northern New England, Low Country, Lake Erie, Detroit, Lake Michigan, Long Island Sound, Southern New England, and the Gulf of Maine.

Results of the 2005 J105 North American Championships, Toronto, Canada. Royal Canadian Yacht Club, Sept 15-18, 2005.

The Canadian Connection by Dave Reed of Sailing World Magazine - 2007 Toronto NOOD

sw nood header

James Rathbun helped build the J/105 fleet at the Royal Canadian YC, and his efforts paid off with an overall win at the 2007 Sperry Top-Sider Toronto NOOD. "First Beat" from our July 3, 2007, SW eNewsletter

If you had to take a guess at which one-design keelboat class you'll find at all nine of Sailing World's Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Regatta stops, it shouldn't take you long. OK, ready…go. Ding. Time's up. Read the full article here...

2007 Toronto Sperry Top-Sider Regatta final results here...

Re:Tern, Live Edge, Jamaica Me Crazy, Awards Ceremony photos here..