• 2014 PCYC Open - Mandate

    Mandate wins the 2014 PCYC Open


    Mandate prevailed over Jamaica Me Crazy and Hey Jude for the 2014 edition of the Port Credit Yacht Club Open Regatta.

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    Port Credit Open Regatta - July 5&6, 2014

    Peter Hall, Skipper Jamaica Me Crazy

    The Port Credit Regatta was a very enjoyable event and provided conditions that were challenging, taxing even the hotshots on Mandate & Hey Jude. The wind seemed more predictable on Saturday, and like Wayne Gretzsky's strategy, you needed to sail on both days to where the wind would be next. Jamaica Me Crazy had an open hotline with the wind gods on Saturday, but then lost contact on Sunday when the winds were somewhat stronger and where the shore side of the course was a death trap.

    There was also a current on Sunday from the west which probably acccounted for less general recalls that day than the record performed the day before: it felt like we were doing a race start clinic. Unfortunately Endevour and Voodoo Magic each had a BFD in Race#1 but otherwise sailed well in several races with Voodo's best finish a 2nd and Endevour a 4th. Tusk decided to play chicken with a Melges which cost them race # 3 but would otherwise heve been close to the podium.

    Race management anchoring errors meant only 3 of the 4 races scheduled were run on Saturday but by then after all those starts we all probably wanted to head in for a beer. 

    The final results for the top five are as follows:

    1. Mandate 18 points, with three first place finishes and an eighth their worst. For the second time this year she was skippered by Dirk, the leader of the "B Team", proving how formidable these guys are;
    2. Jamaice Me Crazy 22 points, with two first place finishes and a seventh for their worst, just breaking a tie with Hey Jude by beating Mandate by a whisker in Race # 6;
    3. Hey Jude 22 points, with four second place finishes and a tenth their worst;
    4. Usual Suspects 31 points, with a second for their best; and
    5. Starcross 35 points, with a first for their best finish.

    While the lake conditions was one of the best so far this season it would have been really "Grand" if more boats had turned up. So hopefully participation will improve as the North Americans approach.

    And last but not least we should welcome H-Bomb to the fleet. She is skippered by Russell Hopper from the National YC and were out for their second regatta. They certainly caused a few necks to look upwind to see their stern in the early stages of many races. This performance must have been good starts and great boat speed which makes us suspect that they have a good shot at the podium. The Jamaicans would like to invite them over for some post race Appleton at the Summer Regatta at RCYC July 19 & 20th.

  • 2014 J/105 Canadians - Hey Jude

     Hey Jude wins the Canadian Championship

    2014-J105 Canadians - Hey Jude

     2014 J/105 Canadian Championship: GAME ON!


    The J/105 Canadian Championship was held on September 6th and 7th at RCYC. This traditional 3-day event was shortened to 2-days to respect the time requirements of the J/105 North Americans, also at RCYC, later in the month. The event attracted 21 teams and the entries included boats from the USA and Bermuda; teams were ramping up and it promised to be a warm-up for the North Americans.
    On Saturday the teams were met with medium breeze from the west, which was forecast to shift to the north; to add to the fun there were patches of west to east current that made the laylines a bit of a challenge. Mandate jumped out of the blocks to take the first race, with Hey Jude following in second and Endeavour taking third. It became apparent that there was going to be “no love” on the start line for this event as there were a number of General Recalls and Black Flags the became a recurring theme. In races two and three, Mandate and Hey Jude traded firsts and seconds with Jamaica Me Crazy and Distant Passion (Bermuda) taking third respectively. On this day, teams were rewarded by getting off the line clean, and then helping the boat go upwind in the short chop. With a sudden drop in the breeze and then a hard shift to the north, the race committee wisely decided to call it a day. After three races, the top five consisted of Mandate (4 pts), Hey Jude (5 pts), Live Edge (13 pts), Forro (17 pts), and Jamaica (19 pts).
    The crews enjoyed a fun social evening where the day’s challenges and opportunities were discussed. Topics like: how to keep the boat powered up in short chop, or how to get a handle on the current and local knowledge, for the visitors, were discussed. It was apparent in Saturday’s informal debrief that the key asset of Toronto’s J/105 Fleet is its willingness to share knowledge.
    The schedule planned for an earlier start on Sunday, and the teams were hoping to get one good race in during the dying northerly before the afternoon’s uncertainty. The first race was a tedious affair and crews were rewarded by keeping the boat going fast through the water at all times; being caught downspeed was a killer.  There was a familiar outcome in this race with Hey Jude taking the gun, and Mandate finishing a close second; Endeavour was an even closer third to Mandate. The second race of the day proved pivotal; it was really difficult to figure out what, if anything, the wind would do and it became a choice of whether the remaining gradient would prevail, or whether the seabreeze would come in this late in the day. Hey Jude placed their bets on the seabreeze and it payed off for a first, with Jamaica and Usual Suspects not far behind.
    There was time for a sixth race and Hey Jude just needed keep it clean to take the Canadian title; easier said than done in a quality fleet with no drop races. A shaky first-beat saw Hey Jude round the weather mark deep in the fleet; while Mandate was out to a commanding lead with Jamaica close behind. Hey Jude was able to leverage boatspeed and boathandling to be upwardly mobile and take a 3rd in that race and clinch the regatta. Mandate claimed second, while Forro took third with Jamaica forth, and Endeavour fifth.
    What became clearly apparent was the competitiveness of the local fleet and the learning curve of the visiting boats as they prepared for the North Americans. Local boats like Forro, Jamaica, Endeavour, Live Edge, and Tusk all showed that they were ready to roll. Visiting boats like Distant Passion (Bermuda), Ali Cat (California), and Good Lookin (Michigan) gave notice that they were getting a handle on the local conditions were going to be a force in the NAs. Many thanks to Doug Bullock and his team of volunteers for this prelude to the 2014 J/105 North Americans at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club in Toronto.

    GAME ON!

     Written by Scott Collinson - Hey Jude


    1st place:  Hey Jude

    2014 Canadians 1st HeyJude 

    2nd place:  Mandate

    2014 Canadians 2nd Mandate

    3rd place:  Forro

    2014 Canadians 3rd Forro


  • 2016 Fleet 4 Championship Standings

    Results to date have been posted after the Port Credit Yacht Club regatta.  Link

    Jamaica Me Crazy leads the 2016 Fleet 4 Lake Ontario Association championship after 23 races.


  • Video J/105 Fleet 4 Racing - Summer 2013 from Endeavour

    Published on Jul 21, 2013

    Racing on Endevour last leg of Race 2 Saturday 20th, 2013. Followed by Hey Jude, Mandate and Sonic Boom. (c) Fleet IV Lake Ontario Class Association