Top 5 results

1st Mandate

2nd Hey Jude

3rd Jamaica Me Crazy

4th Starcross

5th Thunderstruck


Royal Weekend is traditionally a full weekend event for the RCYC, beginning Friday night with a record TGIF race and Rib Fest. It also boasts numerous shore based activities including Lawn Bowling, Canoe Wars, and Beach Volleyball.

The J105 fleet had 17 participants, reaffirming that this is the most dynamic fleet on Lake Ontario (the fact that the last two North American champions come from our fleet proves this is an exciting fleet to be a part of).

Race one was started in light wind and flat water and the fleet came out to play as there were 3 general recalls and the Black Flag came out. 4 boats were singled out for being over and out. Sonic Boom immediately protested for redress and later won their case as the RC got their sail number mixed up with another boat.

Mandate finally figured out that being a little late with full speed was the right strategy to get off the line. The fleet immediately had to contend with the disturbed air of the 8 Metre fleet rounding in front. Mandate tacked right to find a lane. The right side seemed to be getting the puffs first and it paid off. Race 1 won by Mandate, followed by a competitive push from Hey Jude and Starcross. Due to the slow start, and the long legs the time ran past the hard stop of 2.15pm. Unfortunately there was not consensus within the fleet to run another race.

Race two was started early on Sunday with a promising easterly wind. Again the fleet came out blazing and a general recall and black flag all over again. The second start was clean and it was a drag race of the line. The chop made it tricky steering accompanied by many gear changes. The right side was favoured and Thunderstruck came out ahead and put a lee bow on Mandate. It was close racing up and down the fleet with a lot of ducking and speed matches all over the course. Mandate prevailed followed by Thunderstruck and The Usual Suspects.

Race three was started in a dying breeze and made for tricky conditions. Once around the windward mark it was looking difficult to get downwind with massive gybing angles. Thankfully the RC shortened the course and the fleet was able to finish…Mandate, Thunderstruck, and Hey Jude rounded out the top 3

With only three races this was not the most satisfying of racing experiences, but it was a great weekend with enjoyable on shore activity. The Band was rocking!

Thanks again to all participants, Doug Bullock our fleet captain, and the RCYC for hosting. Next up is the Fall regatta, see you on the water.

Rod Wilmer, Mandate CAN83