Melanie Sherwood, who is the Chair of TGIF, was going to be racing at LYRA and asked the J105 Fleet to host this week’s event at the RCYC.

This weekly fun event is a race out of the Harbour, through the eastern gap, around T1 channel marker and back to a finishing line off the Tender docks in front of the RCYC Clubhouse. It attracts boats of all types and while billed as a race is really just a fun sail followed by BBQ in the Rose Garden.

There were 30 boats out, divided into 3 starts, first all boats over 30 feet, second all boats under 30 and third, the J105 Fleet of which the following boats were out; Trident, Starcross, Mandate, Jamaica Me Crazy, Live Edge, Sonic Boom and Trueblue.

The weather was awesome, the predicted thunder storm held off and the strong wind blowing 15 to 18 knots out of S/W made for a quick race. Everyone who came to the Rose Garden enjoyed a great BBQ and Free Beer compliments of the J105 Fleet.

As with tradition, full beer mugs, engraved with “RCYC Race Winner 2015” were handed out at the discretion of the host MC, in this case myself. Among the awards were; David Howard, Past Commodore, for line honours and sailing his newly restored Dragon, Tomahawk. Vicky & Peter Hall of Jamaica Me Crazy for double handling their J105 and to the Mickey & Terry McLaughlin of Mandate for having guests on board who had travelled the farthest to attend, having just arrived from New Zealand for a visit.

It was an excellent event with J105 Battle Flags flying everywhere, just a great way to start the long weekend.

Doug Bullock

J105 Fleet 4 Captain