Watch multi-media presentation of a J05 competitive boat handling. This video emphasizes team responsibilities.

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Chalk Talk Notes:

Characteristics of the Boat

Dominant Characteristics

Sail Area-to-Displacement

+ Asymmetrical Spinnaker

Unique Sailing Angles

Sail Area-to-Displacement Factor

? Main and Jib combination


o Starved for power in light conditions, overwhelmed in heavy air


o Mainsail trim gains a greater significance in boat control


o Twist is a dominant factor in both control and optimizing speed


? Asymmetrical Spinnaker


o Places a heavier emphasis on driver-trimmer coordination in optimizing downwind speed and course

Asymmetrical Spinnaker

? The asymmetrical adds a greater simplicity


? It reduces the number of processes involved in sailing the boat


? It?s greater size and higher coordination requirements that result from consolidating processes result in higher margins for failure

Unique Sailing Angles

J/105 sails reciprocal angles upwind and down meaning that as the wind increases and the boat can point higher it can also sail lower angles through greater apparent wind-speed on the downwind legs


? Angles places a heavy premium on the team?s ability to judge and execute on opportunities in traffic

Zoning the Boat

? Match individuals into roles/zones they are comfortable and challenged by to coordinate efficiency and motivation


? Utilizing zones may require special techniques such as sheeting to the cabin-top winches

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